Please Review my website! Im only a beginner

Review each others website here. If you want your website reviewed, please review other websites.
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Please Review my website! Im only a beginner

Post by kinnanes » Thu Dec 23, 2004 2:45 am

:lol: Please review my website, im only a beginner and i would like some comments good & bad.
thankyou! :wink:

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Post by kinnanes » Fri Dec 24, 2004 2:11 am

Just a quick post to say i didnt post that request a review to advertise my site or to get more traffic. I a 22 year old female (with no website courses/training) and this is the site i have built for my family business, we had a very crappy site that my dad built and he wouldve took for ages to build something good so i thought id have a go myself! I made my website using front page and i recently just got dreamweaver but havent had time to try and figure it out yet! Id like to also put a shopping cart on my webpage but havent figured out how to do that yet. Id really like to get some comments and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! So please review my site and i promise to review more peoples sites, ive reviewed two already and will review more when more people post new posts!

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Post by grelmar » Fri Dec 24, 2004 2:52 am

Hi kinnanes, welcome to GoStats!

First, the good stuff:

You have plenty of content on the site, and I found it instantly easy to get around the site, and find things. That's a BIG plus. A confusing site loses people instantly.

Also: Good information on the front page. It's instantly clear who you are, and what you sell. You'd be amazed how many people get this totally wrong (or maybe you wouldn't be amazed if you've done a lot of surfing, you've SEEN it.)

Technical stuff:

When I clicked on a link on the front page for the first time, it would invariably launch the link in a new window. If I navigated back to the front page, it wouldn't. This I found kinda annoying, and you should be able to eliminate it by eliminating the following bit of code that's in the HEAD of your document:

Code: Select all

<base target="contents">
What this does is create a new browser window called "contents" when you click a link. Then every time you click a link after, it knows to stay in that window.

If you're doing that on purpose to make your site more "sticky" I might reconsider.

Sorta Technical:

You did a good job on reducing most of your graphics to thumbnails, but you missed a few. The end result is that some images that appear very small on the page, were actually very large files. On a dial-up, this will make parts of your site very slow to load. Any time you use a thumbnail, remember to use your graphics editor to actually create a smaller picture for the thumbnail. Whatever size you want to display on your site, should be the size of the graphic itself. Avoid using the dimensions of the img tag to resize the picture.

Overall, though, especially if this is your first page, you're off to a good start. You made it clear who you are and what you do, and you made it easy for me to find out more about your products and other information.

Keep it up! and keep coming back and we'll be glad to help you move the page more and more to how you picture it in your head in a way that makes your viewers happy!

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Post by kinnanes » Fri Dec 24, 2004 3:05 am

Thank you! Ive always wondered how to fix that! Its annoying for myself as well (how when you click on any link on my homepage it opens a new browser) If you check back now i worked out how you told me to fix it and its fixed!! Great stuff! :lol: I will try to make the pictures smaller what is a good size? Ive got to leave work now but ill try and get on the computer at mum and dads tomorrow and get back on this forum. THANKS HEAPS!! :D

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Post by ManXP » Thu Jan 06, 2005 5:43 am

A lot of colors, but images are in low quality, i think.

Don't you want to make the content centered? Now it's on the left. If i would be you, i'd like to move navigation links from the bottom to the top ar left side.

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technical stuff ?

Post by kinnanes » Thu Jan 06, 2005 10:58 pm

As im only a beginner im not too good at the technical stuff, so i dont know much about images and their quality. All i do is take a photo with my digital camera then resize the photo (using a program called ezphoto) to make the file not so large and thats all. What should i do instead and whats a good program? I just got photoshop but i am not sure how to work it, also what do you mean by the content being centered? I know what centering means but which content?

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Not bad at all

Post by thepharmlist » Mon Jan 17, 2005 1:34 am

I like yellow and red sometimes especially for getting a users attention.
I tend to agree with the one user that thought your picture quality should be upped a bit and I am not sure if you need the counter BLAM right there but that is just me and counters. I keep all that just for myself in the background.
You can get along the site very easily but seemingly something is missing in its crispness in the look. However, you are in a market that may not require that. I just know that I try and come out of the gate with something that looks really clean. You may not need any work on the sitemap page etc. Maybe you might want to up your resolution and quality of the photos.

I hope this was some use

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Kinnanes Review

Post by HandMadeInTheUK » Thu Feb 03, 2005 5:54 pm

I really liked your site. I can only speak as a user and not as a techie! The colour is great, the yellow just makes me smile, such a happy colour. The only thing I would say is about putting the prices on your items. I personally would want to know how much a bed would cost before going to the store. Having said that if I lived in Australia I would definetly go to your shop cos your beds are to die for or sleep in!!! Beautiful.
Kindest Regards
The Craft Merchant

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Re: technical stuff ?

Post by JimBb » Fri Feb 11, 2005 5:12 pm

kinnanes wrote:All i do is take a photo with my digital camera then resize the photo (using a program called ezphoto) to make the file not so large and thats all. What should i do instead and whats a good program?
If you want to have a clickable image that leads to a larger image, you need to end up with two files. The size and the quality of both depend on what you want to achieve.
One file will be the thumbnail. Quality is not that important, you just have to recognize what's on it, the quality should just not make the photo "ugly". The size of a thumbnail depends a bit on how your site is layed out, what kind of pictures they are, and so on. I would say somewhere between 50 and 150 pixels wide or tall.
The other file will be the real picture. Currently there is a tendency to larger monitors, but the majority still surfs at 1024x768, so the dimensions should not exceed that. If possible, about 800x600 is even better. Your call, if it's just to show a chair or a bed 640x480 may even be more than sufficient. Of course larger image=larger file=longer download=higher bandwidth-consumption.

Actually Photoshop is an excellent tool for it, though it is, being the Rolls-Royce of photo-editors, overkill for just that. This is what you do (based on my version, some things may slightly differ if you have another than 7.0)
-open the file
-select "Image | Image Size"
-make sure that "Constrain proportions" is checked, so you won't accidentally make it a long thin picture.
-Resize by bringing either the height or the width to the size you want. Feel free to experiment, you can easily undo things if the result is not what you wanted.
-Click OK.
-Select "File | Save for Web"
(That should open a separate program-window)
-In the "Settings" box, make sure "JPEG" is selected (and not GIF or PNG) in the upper-left dropdown-list. A JPEG-format is the best choice for photographs, or pictures with many gradient color-shades.
-At the upper left, select the "2-Up" tab. That will show your original picture on the left, and the end-result on the right.
-If the image is larger than what you see, select the little hand (upper left). With that you can move the right image so that you can compare every corner of it with the original.
-Now you can start tweaking. At the right you'll see "Quality". Click it: you'll see a slider. Try different qualities, and monitor the result on the right picture. You should also keep an eye at the text below that picture: it gives you the file-size the file will have if you would save it now.
-Once you're happy with the quality/filesize combination, press the "Save" button, and save your image somewhere so you can use it in your site.
-You can now resize the same image again (to make a thumbnail for example), or close it (no need to save) and start with a new one.

What file-size should you have ideally? Don't know really. But you'll notice that you can have an 800x600 picture of about 50-80 KB without very visible quality-loss, and hardly a difference with a 100-150 KB file. A thumbnail is different, since that has its influence on the loading of your page. People will accept a slower loading quality picture - after all, they asked for it by clicking the thumbnail - but thay don't want "heavy" thumbnails to slow the page. You'll notice that you can safely reduce thumbnails (depending on the size) to 1-5 KB.

There are other tools than Photoshop. Irfanview is free and pretty good. The difference is that in my experience Photoshop delivers better quality at the same compression rate, and Photoshop allows you to see "live" what the result of a quality-change would be, Irfanview forces you to create the file, look at it, try again.


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Post by e-greetingz » Fri Feb 11, 2005 6:24 pm

As beginner its a very good site just try to make it centered.
coz it looks odd on a high res screen.
excellent site map good work over all.

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Post by TooBIG » Sat Jun 11, 2005 7:46 pm

e-greetingz wrote:As beginner its a very good site just try to make it centered.
coz it looks odd on a high res screen.
excellent site map good work over all.

I have to agree with e-greetingz, this is very good for just starting out, fix it from being off centered and your rocking.

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Post by NormandyGranny » Sun Jun 12, 2005 1:41 am

Bonjour from France!

I have had a browse around your site - like you I am a complete beginner (my site is also there for review!!) so I can't offer any technical advice at all, I'm afraid. But from a non-technical viewpoint, this is what I thought:

When I clicked the link, the bright orange/yellow screen came up which made me sit up, so the colour is a real attention grabber! All your colours are sunny, bright and cheerful.

The scrolling banner ("Welcome to our store....") flickered very badly, as did some other banners on other pages, but this one was definitely the worst - not sure if that is due to my PC or your website!

I clicked first on your Floor Stock Clearance page (I love a bargain!) Firstly, the font size for that link was a little small, I felt. Anyway, once I was there, there was no button on the page to take me anywhere else - it would be very easy for an accidental browser to finish at that point!

I then had a look at your 'Funky Cubes' - very clear information and there was a button on the page to take me elsewhere! So I went to Pantries... and the Kitchen Cupboards page. What is the picture of the little dish with 3 brown blobs in it? Looked a bit unappetising to me! I thought it was a thumbnail and clicked on it.... nothing happened!

I tried to fill in the form on the link - and there was no form there.

So I went to the bedroom, to relax! The first thing that caught my eye was that you have a stray apostrophe as in "Mattress's" This should read "Mattresses".

I hope you find this helpful - it seems as if I have been overly critical and it's not meant to be. I think you have the makings of a very good site - and you obviously have had loads of hits. Good luck!

Normandy Granny
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Post by tuan » Tue Aug 16, 2005 12:24 am

I think your website is good. I have view it all and can not find any problem on it. Great job.


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Post by great » Wed Jun 27, 2007 7:18 am

You're right Tuan that's a great site. I like everything at him it's very precise.

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Post by robert1633 » Sun Jul 01, 2007 7:10 pm

Layout of this site is very clean, and is very easy on the eyes, and the navigation is very easy to use and pages load quickly. How ever on theSEO side of your site I can see a few problems that may hinder you in gettin high rankins from SE's I am not trying to be criticle, however I must say you are useing way to many keywords here, and too litle keyword phrases. The index page while it is very pleaseing needs more actual textual content for better SE Crawling. and while it is okay to use your store name in the title tag you should also include your best keyword phrase. Your highest keyword dencities are these: desks 5 4.55%
Word Times used dencity

furniture 4 3.64%
bedroom 3 2.73%
products 3 2.73%
pantries 3 2.73%
beds 3 2.73%
chairs 3 2.73%
dining 3 2.73%
kinnanes 3 2.73%
rockdale 3 2.73%
caringbah 3 2.73%

So maybe a better title that would get better SERPs would be
Kinnanes Furniture-Dinnig-Bedroom-Beds-Chairs-pantries

This way people searching for thes things have a better chans of finding you If they search for "bedroom and dinnig room furniture" Or "Diinigroom chairs and furniture" You see? the title tag is the most imprtant tag you have. Your two word dencities are very low, as well as three word phrses. If you worked on 3 word keyword phrases and got the to a dencity of 2-3% you would do exalent. In my signiture line you will see a URL address, download the free software it will help you alot in these areas. But In general you have a nice site.

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