Microsoft is going to force web-design to change

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Microsoft is going to force web-design to change

Post by grelmar » Fri Jun 11, 2004 4:44 am

Ok, I've been sorta tracking this one for a while, and a lot of it is still "undecided", but with the release of Windows XP, Service Pack 2, sometime this summer, there are going to be some serious changes in the way most people view the web, and it affects you and how you design pages.

Major Changes for GoStats Web Developpers:

Java: MS has decided (yet again) to mess with its own "unique" flavor of Java. If your site relies heavily on java, you may or may not be in trouble. Not only that, but because of litigation with Sun Microsystems (which owns Java, M$ just ripped it off and made it work worse), Microsoft Java Virtual Machine will become obsolete, dead, defunct, fecakt, on December 31, 2007.

Essentially, because Microsoft is Microsoft, they're going to screw with how they interpret java one last time, before dumping it altogether in a few years. At which point, the only Java out there will be Sun Java.

ADVICE: Get a Sun Java compliant browser now (that would be: pretty much any browser except IE), and start making sure your java runs well in them.

Pop-Ups Are going to cease to exist with the SP2 version of IE. At least, the un-requested types. Only requested pop-ups will work.

Downloads Only through user initiated action, and you're going to have to be careful about how you set them up. Don't ask me HOW, because M$ isn't being real clear on HOW.

ActiveX Probably not an issue with most people here, but if you do use ActiveX, you could be in trouble. Again, M$ is being vague on a lot of the changes, but they have listed a few guidelines.

The Upshot XP - SP2, along with a new version of IE, is coming out within the next few months, and a lot of websites that are going to feel its wrath. Your best bet is to download one of the freely available (and free) W3C compliant browsers, like Mozilla, or Firefox, and make sure your pages work in them. This should provide you with a buffer against the coming changes.

The Information Sheet on the changes was dated May, but they didn't bother notifying any News Outlets until the begining of June. And the only people carrying the story are obscure tech news sites.

Remember: Make your site cross browser compatible, and you won't be at Microsoft's mercy

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Post by rchmura » Fri Jun 11, 2004 12:18 pm

Microsoft has relaesed "fixes" in the past that alter some functionality and required me to make modifications to GoStats. I realzise that these changes were necessasry for the security of people. I guess I just hope that Microsoft creates a list of trusted sites and includes GoStats on that list so the changes don't really change GoStats. :)

That 'trusted sites" list probably won't happen anytime soon, so I'll be working on any fixes required after SP2.

It might be instesresting if everyone postes their experiences here with how SP2 effects their website.

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Re: Microsoft is going to force web-design to change

Post by laceygriffen » Mon Apr 26, 2010 10:58 pm

There’s something much different at Microsoft these days. Microsoft will find itself with higher profits, much better held in the thoughts of its customers, and just maybe the victim of fewer attacks, both on its software and its corporate persona.

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